MIG 500


Suitable for low carbon steel, low alloy steel;
Excellent welding quality, no welding slag, bright arc;
Welding heat focus, large current density, tiny deformation, excellent shaping;
Excellent character of gentle static external and dynamic, decent welding quality.



MIG-500 (IGBT) 
Connection voltage: 1Ph-50/60Hz       380V  +/- 10%
Input current:38.2A
Duty cycle:60% @ 500A
Rated output voltage:39V
Open circuit voltage:56V
Power factor:0.93
Rated input power capacity:24.7KW
Stick electrode sizes:1/2/5/15KG
Welding range:


Operating temperature range:-20-500A
External dimensions L x W x H:59*31*32CM
Packing dimensions L x W x H :79*51*82CM
Welder weight (no accessories) :40+20KGKG
Packing weight(with accessories) :65KG
Degree of protection:IP23