Small size and light weight, efficient and energy-saving;
Arc starting easily, anti interference, excellent arc force adjustment function;
Stable welding arc, few splash;
Excellent welding quality, deep welding pool, powerful and suitable to use various acidic and alkaline electrodes;
Automatic protecting when over voltage or over current;
Work continuously with stable performance, compensate automatically when voltage fluctuation happened;
High duty cycle, protect automatically when over load;
Stable welding arc and excellent welding seam, arc force compensation automatically.

8PCS of 16N50E
8PCS of D92-02
2PCS of 680UF/400V
1PCS of 25VB/100

Technical specifications(技术参数):

Connection voltage:  1Ph-50/60Hz      220V  +/- 10%
Input current:21.2A
Duty cycle:40% @ 120A 
Rated output voltage:24.8V
Open circuit voltage:60V
Rated input power capacity:4.7KW
Stick electrode sizes:1.6/2.0/2.5/3.2mm
Welding range:20-120A
Operating temperature range:-20-40℃
External dimensions L x W x H: 44*16.5*29CM
Packing dimensions L x W x H :47*28*34CM
Welder weight (no accessories) :5.6KG
Packing weight(with accessories) :8.6KG
Degree of protection:IP23