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CT-505 is specially designed to help reduces and prevents build-up of spatter. In lab test,
CT-505 is shown to help reduce spatter by 80% compares to those that was not
treated with CT-505. Ggrinding process is also greatly reduced with CT-505 as treated
workpiece prevents spatter from build-up and spatter can be easly removed. CT-505 is specially formulated to fit all aplication, it can brushed on, sprayed on or have the workpiece submerged in it, It is suitable for all steels including stainless steel.
It is Non-toxic, Non-flammable and Bio-degradable.

Additional information

Benefit :

1. reduce spatter by 80%
2. Prevent spatter build-up
3. Reduce grinding and finish process cost
4. Does not cause oxidization
5. Pre-formulated and easy to use
6. Non-toxic
7. Non-Flammable
8. Bio-degradable
9. Silicon free
10. Environmental friendly