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CT-506 is specially to be use with Robot Cleaning Station. CT-506 helps reduce and prevent
build-up pf spatter inside the nozzle. In lab test, CT-506 is shown to help reduce reduce spatter by up to
80% compares to a nozzle that was not treated with CT-506. Nozzle cleaning time is also greatly reduced with CT-506 as spatters are easily removed from the treated nozzle. CT-506 is suitable for both
Dip-type and Spray-type cleaning station. It is a Non-toxic, Non-flammable and Bio-degradable.

Additional information

Benefits :

1. Reduce spatter by 80%
2. Prevent spatter build-up
3. Does not cause oxidization
4. Pre-formulated and easy to use
5. Non-toxic
6. Environmental friendly
7. Bio-degradable
8. Silicone free
9. Non-Flammable

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