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Further evolution of our high quality welding performance low spatter and low heat input CO2 /MAG welder


DL-350 II CO2 / MAG Welding Machine OTC

* Standard Specification

Welding power source Type DL350 (S-2)
Rated Input Voltage V 200/220(For both 50/60 Hz)
Phase 3 phases
Rated Input kVA 18.2(16.6 kW)
Rated Duty Cycle % 60
Rated Output Current A 350
Rated Load Voltage V 36
Range of Output Current A 30~350
Range of Output Voltage V 12~36
Max. no-load Voltage V 84
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 300x705x595 (excluding handle)
Weight kg 55
Wire Feeder Power Cable Type BKPDT-6002
Cable Size mm² 60
Base Metal Power Cable Type BKPDT-6002
Cable Size mm² 60
Wire Feeder Type CMV-7401 (semi-automatic) CMRE-741 (other robots)
*Applicable Wire Size mm (0.8), 0.9, 1.0, 1.2, (1.4, 1.6)
Wires Type Solid Wire, Flux-cored Wire
Wire Feeding Speed m 22
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 215x543x350 195x275x248 (excluding cables)
Weight kg 13 7
CO²/MAG Welding Torch Type WT3500-SD WT3510-SD
Rated Current A 350 350
*Applicable Wire Size mm (0.9, 1.0), 1.2 (0.9, 1.0), 1.2, (1.4)
Duty Cycle % 30 60
Cooling Method Air Cooling Air Cooling
Cable length m 3, (4.5, 6) 3, (4.5, 6)

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A welder essential for high quality CO2/MAG welding
Advance the Progress of low spatter performance and thin sheet welding performance
* Advance Low Spatter Performance!
* Advance Thin Sheet Welding Performance!
* Advance Arc Start Performance