ENDO Air Tool Reel ATR-5

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With a hose inner diameter of Φ10mm, any shortage of air flow rate for air tools is eliminated.
This reel supports a long stroke of up to 2m.
The balance is obtained at the preset height and the wire rope is wound up after being pulled out again.
The ratchet mechanism allows the wire rope to be stopped during a stroke.
*Note: You can activate the ratchet by switching the knob.

The internal fall-arrest device prevents the air tool from dropping even in the unlikely event that the spring breaks.
The swivel joint facilitates the tool installation.

Additional information

Model Maximum tension
Hose inner diameter
ATR-5 49[5.0] 2.0 10.0 3.8
ATR-5-1 49[5.0] 2.0 10.0 4.2