ENDO Self-Lock SLG-100A

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Automatic winding is performed by the spring tension and therefore does not require electricity or air.
The shock absorber mitigates the impact that is caused when the lock is activated by a falling object.
This type is ideal for various types of equipment and wall-mounted robots that are installed in factories as well as sports facilities.
It features a robust and simple design and is easy to install.
The ratchet mechanism utilizes centrifugal force to lock the wire rope when the speed exceeds the limit. You can release the lock by slackening the wire rope to pull it out again.

*Caution:This product should not be used for the human body.

Additional information

Model Capacity
Wire rope
Wire rope
Critical speed
of lock
SLG-100A 30~100 39 4.4 12 Over 45 Approx.0.7 7.1
SLG-250-6 50~250 24 6.35 6 Over 50 Approx.1.5 15.8
SLG-250-12 50~250 24 6.35 12 Over 50 Approx.1.5 16.9
SLG-500 50~500 24 6.35 18.5 Over 50 Approx.1.0 19.6