FEMI 787 XL Bandsaw

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FEMI 787 XL Bandsaw
Brand : Femi Italy

Technical features

– Exclusive “roto-transalting” arm system (patented)
– Blade height 19 mm
– Possibility to make cuts with lubrication
– Base complete with wheels ideal for transport

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Cutting capacity :

45° 145×80 mm 140 mm 140×140 mm
Arm downfeed Manual
Blade development (mm) 2140x19x0,9
Motor power (watt) 1850
Electrical supply (Volt-Hz) 230 – 50
Weight (Kg) 59
Blade speed (mt/min) 60/80
2 speeds
Toothing Z/1″ 8/12
Packaging (mm) 500x1300x700


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