GRACO e-Xtreme Electric Airless Sprayer
GRACO e-Xtreme Electric Airless Sprayer

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The Graco e-Xtreme Electric Airless Sprayer is the world’s first electric sprayer for protective coatings approved for hazardous locations. The e-Xtreme operates on a more reliable, convenient and available electric power source, which improves jobsite inefficiencies associated with compressors. If your air compressor goes down, you no longer have to stop production. More so, electric technology eliminates pulsation and motor icing, making your jobs run smoothly – every time!

Additional information

  • Plug-in and spray electrical power – no compressors needed
  • No air motor means no icing
  • Quiet operation for when sound is an issue
  • Hazardous location approved – the first of its kind
  • Plenty of power for all sorts of applications
  • Available 3-year extended warranty
Ex45 e-Xtreme Sprayers
Maximum fluid working pressure 310 bar, 31.0 MPa
Stroke length 120 mm
Maximum continuous cycle rate 44 cycles per minute
Tip Size .021 in.
Weight 135 kg
Wetted parts Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, 304, 440 and 17–PH Grades of Stainless Steel, Zinc and Nickel Plating, Ductile Iron, Tungsten Carbide, PTFE; Leather, Aluminum
Operating temperature range -5° to 50° C
Input voltage 200–240 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz
Input power 2.5 kVA
Minimum Recommended generator size 5 kW
Oil capacity 0.9–1.1 liters
Oil specification Graco part number 16W645 silicone-free ISO 220 synthetic EP gear oil
Inlet / Outlet Sizes
Fluid inlet size 1 in. npt(m) [also includes 1 in. nps(swivel) to 1 in. npt(m) adapter elbow]
Fluid outlet size 1/2 npt(m) [also includes 1/2 npt(f) to 3/8 npt(m) adapter]
Hose Requirements
Minimum pressure The minimum hose pressure rating should be equal to or greater than the maximum fluid working pressure of sprayer
Minimum length 15 m
Minimum ID 10mm
Maximum resistance per ISO 8028 30,000 ohms/m
Sound Emissions (per ISO 9614) for Normal Operation (Spraying @ 20 cpm)
Sound Pressure LpA Average 70.2 dBA
Sound Power LwA Total Power 76.7 dBA
Sound Emissions (per ISO 9614) for Maximum Speed (Flushing @ 44 cpm)
Sound Pressure LpA Average 77.4 dBA
Sound Power LwA Total Power 85.1 dBA