KNIPEX 11 82 130 Electronics Wire Stripping Shears

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  • For cutting and stripping solid, multicore and finely stranded conductors with conductor cross-section up to 0.75 mm²
  • Pointed head of shears above the wire stripping hole for the accurate cutting of fine wire in confined places
  • Easy adjustment to the required diameter of solid or stranded wire with knurled screw and lock nut
  • With opening spring
  • Special tool steel, oil-hardened
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Additional information

No. 11 82 130
EAN 4003773071648
Head polished
Handles with multi-component grips
Stripping capacities (diameter) 0,03-1,0 Ø mm
Stripping capacities in square millimetres 0,01-0,75 mm²
Length Length 140 mm
Net weight Net weight 75 g

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