Kyocera 45° Milling with Double Sided 10-edge Inserts

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The MFPN provides exceptional performance with low cutting forces and reduced chattering with 10 usable cutting edges per insert.
Reduced Chattering with a Low Cutting Force Design and Excellent Fracture Resistance
Economical 10-edge InsertLow Cutting Force due to Curved Cutting-Edge Design Suppresses Fracturing with Dual Angle Edge Design

Additional information

    • Economical 10-edge
    • Pentagonal Double-sided Inserts Provide Excellent Stability Stable Machining at High Feed Machining
    • Insert Resists Chattering
    • Low Cutting Forces due to Curved Cutting Edge with a High Axial Rake Angle (Max 10°)

Stability and cost efficiency with 10-edge pentagonal inserts
Low cutting forces and reduced chattering with a helical cutting-edge design
Wide range of applications from steel to difficult-to-cut materials
Tough and reliable dual cutting edge design