MFH Series
Kyocera MFH Series

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High Efficiency and High Feed Cutter. Cutting Diameters Starting at ø8mm. GH Chipbreaker with convex Cutting Edge Design Reduces Chatter and PR015S added to Lineup .
Convex Cutting Edge Design Reduces Chatter for High-efficiency Rough Machining
Large Tooling Lineup from ø8 to ø160 to Cover a Wide Application Range for Multiple Metalworking Processes
GH Chipbreaker and PR015S Added to Lineup

Additional information

  • MFH Harrier (ø25~ ø160): Various application with 3 types of inserts
  • MFH Mini (ø16~ ø50): Economical Double-sided 4-edge insert
  • MFH Micro (ø8~ ø16): Replaces solid end mill to reduce machining cost
  • Applicable for variety of work pieces from steel to heat-resistant alloy
  • Lineup expansion with Modular type for all series

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