OTC A-70 / C-70

Super Plasma C-70 Transistor Controlled Air-Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Less electromagnetic disturbance without High-frequency
  • Cutting speed is improved approx. 15% compare with previous models.
  • Maximum cutting capacity is up to 35mm.
  • High 60% duty at 70 Amps.
  • High quality cutting is realized by stable plasma arc supply



* Power Supply

Model Super Plasma C-70
Cutting Power Source Model / Unit MRCT-70
Rated Input Voltage Indicate input voltage when ordering
Rated Frequency Hz 50/60
Phase 3-phase
Rated Input Power kVA/KW 20 / 10.5
Rated Output Current A 70
Rated Output Voltage V 108
Rated Duty Cycle % 60
Output Current Range A 25~70
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 360x560x550
Net Weight kg 102

* Cutting Torch

Cutting Torch Model / Unit CT-75
Rated Current A 70
Rated Duty Cycle % 60
Cooling System Air-cooled type
Cable Length m 6
Using Gas Compressed air
Type of Torch Body Short

* Standard Accessories

Description Specification Qty Remark
Air Unit C0076U 1
Hose Band No.000 (9,5-12) 1
Base Metal Cable 1.5 m 1
Grass Enclosed Fuse 250V 3A 1
Cartridge Fuse 380V 3A 1
Bolt M8-20 1

* Standard Accessories

Description Specification Qty Remark
Nozzle PC0114 1
Tip PD0114-12 2 1.2 mm dia.
Tip PD0114-10 2 1.0 mm dia.
Air Diffuser PE0112 1
Electrode PR0117 5
Wrench CV0080 1