OTC D-12000

High Performance at Low Cost!!

  • High Power and 100% Duty Cycle for Precision High Speed Cutting
  • Max Cutting Capacity 60mm (2.4in)
Compared with gas cutting, the D-12000 can cut 16mm (0.64in) plate 4 times faster. It will also cut 25mm (1in) plate to give a high quality precise finish.



Model Super Plasma D-12000
Cutting power source Model TRC-121
Input voltage V Indicate input voltage when ordering
Rated frequency Hz 50 / 60
Phase 3-phase
Rated input kVA 28.3 (27.5KW)
Rated output current A 120
Rated output voltage V 200
Output current range A 30~120
Rated duty cycle % 100
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 450x780x775 (18×31.2x31in)
Mass kg 176
Cutting torch Model CTW(M) (L)-1201 CTPW (M) (L)-1201
CTZW(M) (L)-1201
Rated current A 120
Rated duty cycle % 100
Cooling System Water-cooled
Cable length m 10 *¹(20) *¹(30)
Using gas Compressed air
Shape of cutting torch Short handle type Straight type
Long handle type

Standard Accessories

* For Cutting Power Sources

Description Qty
Air unit 1
Hose band 1
Pilot lamp 1
Base metal cable                        1.5m (5ft) 1
Glass enclosed fuse                    10A 1
Glass enclosed fuse                    0.2A 1
Bolt for input cable                    M6 3
Bolt for output terminal           M8-20 1
Grounding cable                         2m (6.6ft) 1
Cartridge fuse                             C-3 2

For Cutting Torch

Description Qty
Shield cup                                      H839G02 1
Tip                                                   H839G03 4
Electrode                                      H839M00 4
Wrench                                          H758H01 1
*¹ Torch guide                               H775G00 1