New Compact Machine of D-series for multi purpose - - DP270C The welding power source provides optimum arc performance in both Pulse and Non-Pulse on all materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Number One in OTC's Line Up of "D" series Welding Machines, Offering both High Quality DC Pulsed MAG/MIG and CO2/MAG/MIG Welding



* Welding Power Source

Specification                           Model Type Digital Pulse DP270C
Number of Phase 3 phase
Rated Frequency Hz 50 / 60
Rated Input voltage V 400
Input voltage range V 400 ± 15 %
Rated input Power Kva 13.6 ( 12.1 kW )
Rated input current A 20
Rated output current A 270
Rated load voltage V 275
Rated output current range A 30~300
Rated output voltage range V 12~30
Maximum no-load voltage V 81
Rated duty cycle % 40
Number of welding condition 100
Temperature rise +160(+320°F)
Usable temperature range -10~ +40(+14~ +104°F)
Usable moisture range % 20~80 (without dew condenation)
Storage temperature range -10~+60(+14 ~ + 140°F)
Storage moisture range % 20~80 (without dew condenation)
External dimensions (W x D x H) mm 300 x 653 x 664
Mass kg 51


Description Specification Qty Remarks
Dust filter 109-1000M3 1 For the fan on the rear side of
welding power source

CO²/MAG Welding Torch

CO²/MAG Welding Torch Type WT3510-SE
Rated current A 350
Applicable wire size mm (0.9, 1.0), 1.2, (1.4)
Duty cycle % 60
Cooling method Air-Cooled
Cable length m 3, (4.5), (6)

Aluminum MIG Welding Torch

Aluminum MIG Welding Torch Type WTA300-SE
Rated current A 300
Applicable wire size mm (1.0), 1.2
Duty cycle % DC:50 Pulse:30
Cooling method Air-Cooled
Cable length m 3

Gas Hose

Gas Hose DP270C
Standard BKGFF-0603(3m)
Extention BKGG-0605 (5m), BKGG-0610 (10m)
BKGG-0615 (15m), BKGG-0620 (20m)

Base Metal Power Cable

Base Metal Power Cable DP270C
Standard Cable Choose cable from the following
BKPDT-6002 (2m)
BKPDT-6007 (5m)
BKPDT-6012 (10m)