High welding quality and high efficiency for mild steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy with DC TIG, Pulsed DC TIG and DC Stick as standard modes.



Model Name MR315T
Model Number MRHP-315
Rated input voltage Indicate primary voltage when ordering
Phases 3ph.
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated input power 16kVA (10kW)
Rated output current 315A
Crater fill / initial current range 5-315A
Pulse / Base current range 5-315A
Rated output voltage 22.6V(32.6V at Stick welding)
Max, open circuit voltage 57 V
Rated duty cycle 40%
Down-slope time 0.1-5sec
Up-slope time 0.1-5sec
Gas pre-flow time 0.3/0.6sec
Gas after-flow time 3-20sec
Crater fill control ON/OFF/Repeat
Pulse ratio 15-85%
Pulse frequency 0.5-15 Hz
Dimentions (WxDxH) 348mm x 592mm x 642mm
Weight 120kg

Standard Accessories

Description Specification Qty Remark
Bolt, Nut, Washer M5 3 set on input terminal
Bolt, Nut, Washer M10 1 set for output terminal –
Bolt M8-M20 1 for output terminal +

Connection with Power Source

Input terminal M5
Output terminal – (torch) Ø11 air-cooled torch
7/8-14UNF for water-cooled torch
Output terminal + (base metal) M8
GAS fitting 9/16-18 UNF
Water inlet outlet fitting 5/8-18 UNF

* Standard Composition

welding Power Source MRHP-315
TIG Torch AW-18 (4m) included torch switch (K1108A00)
Cable & Hose BAB-350 Power cable/gas hose/water hose etc.