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Single-Sided Mobile Stand on Casters with 35 Mixed Size Hanging Bins
Industrial mobile part storage stand in black.
SHUTER’s MSHK series of mobile hanging bin stands join together the moveable abilities of a tool trolley with the ease-of-use of our famed hanging bins. It makes straightforward inventory management an achievable goal. With seven pre-configured units to select from, these carts are available in single or double-sided. Play around with the type and number of SGS loading tested bins that you fit onto it. The stand itself is heavy duty, made of galvanized steel that is chip and rust proof. Combine a heavy duty stand body made of chip-proof, rust-resistant galvanized steel. The flat pack design of this unit helps reduce transportation and shelving costs, making this an unbeatable product.

Additional information

  • Heavy duty mobile stand features 35 HB series hanging bins (8 pcs HB-210, 8 pcs HB-220, 6 pcs-HB-230, 3 pcs HB-235, 4 pcs HB-239, 4 pcs HB240, and 2 pcs HB-250) on a single-sided cart.
  • Mobile stand concept saves space and facilitates easy stock management.
  • Durable ABS bins feature transparent PS windows and a label area.
  • 4 industrial strength casters (2 fitted with brakes).
  • Highly portable with casters and sturdy handle for easy on-site assembly and relocation.
  • Mix-and-match with SHUTER flip out bins and hanging bins for more storage options.
  • Body and bin color can be customized.
  • Dimensions: 893 W x 600 D x 1590 H mm
  • Package Details: 1 pc / 1 ctn (1417 W x 712 D x 593 H mm / 4.97 cu ft)
  • Weight: NW 28.28 kg; GW 31.43 kg
  • Material: Zinc Plated Steel Alloy, High Impact PP
  • Color: Black Body with Blue Hanging Bins

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