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11L Portable Tool Box with 1 Tray and Sturdy Plastic Locks
11L professional tool box with one removable tray offers the best option in portable tool storage.
This standard SHUTER tool box has one basic tray for simple storage of tools. The 30L volume is bigger than TB-901 toolbox. If you need a basic portable storage box but with more storage space, SHUTER TB-902 covers your needs.
From DIY enthusiasts to professional tradespeople, this toolbox with market-leading extras like clip locks and flip-up handles are highly portable and sturdy enough for everyday use on or off-site, inside the workshop or out on the road.

Additional information

  • Highly portable solution for all your tool storage needs.
  • Flat top and sit-flush handle for easy carrying and stowing.
  • Secure and durable ABS snap lock mechanisms.
  • Lift-out, compartmentalized interior tray.
  • Tough ABS and PP material throughout.
  • Easy to wipe down when dirty.
  • Can be used in wet or dry environments.
  • Dust and insect proof.
  • Color can be customized.
  • Dimensions: 445 W x 240 D x 205 H mm (17.5″ W x 9.4″ D x 8.1″ H)
  • Material: ABS, PP
  • Holds up to 30 kg.