The Flange Fit-Up & Inspection Gauge

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(The Burk Flange Alignment Tool)
~ Manufactured by G.A.L. Gage ~

The Flange Fit-Up & Inspection Gauge is designed to streamline the inspection process for flanges that range between 150 pounds to 1200 pounds. This tool can only be used for spiral wound gaskets – not for lap joint flange connections.

Additional information

“100% of the places this was used we’ve had zero leaks during Hydro and start-up. It’s simple and easy to use.”
LW, Senior Quality Manager

“The go no-go gage or Flange Fit-Up & Inspection Gauge has been instrumental in streamlining inspections on flanged connections in both power plants and on E&C projects. Since implementing … we have made a significant impact on our goal to eliminate rework by not having to address leaking flanges due to insufficient tightening or excessive gasket crush. Our seasoned inspectors have encouraged the use of the tool throughout the organization and, quite frankly, will not inspect a bolted connection without it.”
KP, Director, Projects Quality Control

“Love it and have passed several out to the journeyman and foreman to use during installation. Even the client has used one as well and found it very useful.”
WG, QC Supervisor