WB-M350 / WB-M500

Digital Inverter Control Type CO2 / MAG automatic welding machine Realize high quality welding in every scene Standard model! Characteristic

Digital inverter controlled type CO2 / MAG automatic welding machine

  • Stability of the arc is greatly improved from the low current area to the high current area
  • Voltage fluctuation is small even at high speed welding, realizing a beautiful bead appearance with bead edges
  • Welbee high dustproof and easy maintenance (M 500) with side flow structure



Welding power supply WB-M350 WB-M500
Rated input 3Phase 380/400V 3Phase 380/400V
Rated output 350A/36V 500A/45V
Output adjustment range 30~350A/12~36V 30~500A/12~45V
Rated usage rate 60% 100%
Mass (dimension) 53kg(395×710×640mm) 71kg(395×710×810mm)
Wire feeder CM-7402 CM-7402
Welding Torch BT3500-30 BT5000-30
Gas Flow Regulator AU-888 FCR-226