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Kraftform torque screwdriver set
Suitable for bits with 1/4″ hex head drive
With Hex-Plus, TORX® and TORX PLUS® bits
In a stable case
High precision

Additional information

Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers
Wera’s adjustable torque screwdrivers allow variable torque settings with maximum precision and ensure that the user gets the very best results in the familiar Wera design with superior ergonomics.
Simple setting of the required torque by hand.
Easy-to-read scale value.
Measurement accuracy is ± 6 % (article 1430: ± 10 %) in accordance with the standard DIN EN ISO 6789. Distinctly audible and noticeable excess-load signal when the pre-set torque is reached.
Unlimited torque for loosening seized screws.
Rapidaptor technology makes the tool adaptable since bits and sockets can be exchanged rapidly.
The bit can be pushed into the adaptor without moving the sleeve. The lock is activated automatically as soon as the bit is applied to the screw. Bits are held securely and wobble-free.
Simply push the sleeve forward to change the bit. The spring mechanism lifts the bit off the magnet and unlocks the tool. The bit can be easily removed. The rapid-out function makes it easy to remove even the smallest bits without extra tools.