The Company for Industrial Solutions PT. Sinar Unggul Pratama was a industrial suppliers company such as welding, machining and tooling, etc and high quality products and has experienced for over 15 years since estabilished in April 17, 2006. Launched in April 2006 by Harjadi and Ependi Surianto, the company was found a single premise : As market demand grew in sophistication and complexity, companies have to provide wider range of high quality equipment parts. PT. Sinar Unggul Pratma was set to distributed and provide the best quality of industrial equipment services to our valued customers, and to nurture and inspire our individuls to become leaders in industry. Our knowledgable and hard-working personnel along with our rich experience and vast resources is ready to life up to the company’s standard and provide their best our valued customers and partners.
Magnetic Core Drilling Machine MABasic 35

BDS Maschinen - MABasic 35

Magnetic Core Drilling Machine MABasic50

BDS Maschinen - MABasic50

Magnetic Core Drilling Machine MABasic 200

BDS Maschinen - MABasic 200

Magnetic Core Drilling Machine MAB155

BDS Maschinen - MAB 155

Magnetic Core Drilling Machine MABASIC 450

BDS Maschinen - MABASIC 450

Magnetic Core Drilling Machine MAB100K

BDS Maschinen - MAB100K