Newly designed welding power supply for fully automated system and multiple materials. Specialized Power Supply Machine for Robotic and Fully Automatic Welding

  • Various welding modes
  • New Wave Pulse Process for Steel and Stainless Steel Welding



Input Power Capacity and Cable Specifications

Item Model Item DP-400R
Power Source Voltage V 400±15%
(Inform input voltage when ordering
Number of Phase 3
Input Power Capacity kVA more than 21
Fuse Capacity A 50
Breaker Capacity A 50
Input Side Cable mm² more than 8
Base Metal / Feeder Power Cable mm² 60
Earth Cable mm² more than 14


Welding Power Source Model DP-400R
Rated Input Voltage V 400±15%
(Inform input voltage when ordering
Number of Phase 3
*1 Rated input power 20.1 (17.2)kVA, 18.4 (15.6)kW
Rated input current A 29
*2 Rated duty cycle % 80 (70)
Rated output current A 400
Rated load voltage V 34
Rated output current range A 30~400
Rated output voltage range V 12~38
Maximum no-load voltage V 86
Dimensions ( WxDxH ) mm 350x730x530(without carrying handle)
Weight kg 64
*2m input cable attached to Welding Power Source
*3 Digital panel Model E-2520
*4 Control cable m 1
Wire feeder Model CMRE-741
*5 Applicable wire size mm (0.8), 0.9, 1.0, 1.2
Wire type Solid wire, Flux-cored wire
Wire type speed m/min 22
Dimensions ( WxDxH ) mm 195x275x248
Weight kg 7
*1 (   ) without pulse
*2 (   ) as for used with attached dust filter
*3 Required in the case of using without OTC-Robots
*4 Extensions are not avaible
*5 (   )  required options


Welding Power Source DP-400R
Dust filter 1
Bolt (M10-30) 2
Nut (M10) 2
Spring washer (M10) 2
Washer (M10) 2