MAB 465


MAB 465 AFFORDABLE DRILLING & TAPPING MACHINE Great power for a small price! The compact MAB 465 magnetic drilling tapping machine from the ProfiSTART series with electronic control and clockwise/ anticlockwise rotation. A compact yet powerful model with an output of 1,150 W reversible motor ideal for drilling and tapping. Versatility for use in workshop and on the go with a transport weight of just 13 kg. For core drilling and thread cutting. With this new concept of machine BDS introduces a drilling as well as tapping machine an affordable low cost price range. The MAB 465 magnetic drilling tapping machine is equipped with grease gearbox, two speed, reversible motor which makes the machines economical for drilling and tapping operation. Made in Germany.


Core Drilling
40/50 mm
M 16
Powerful Motor
1150 Watt
13 Kg