Synergic control
One-Knob synergic control provides appropriate arc voltage for the welding current selected.

Easy operation
Less buttons and digital setting / digital indicator

Fine arc start
Instantaneous arc start close to 100% from low to high current.

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Feature description:
1. Synchronous control/from small current to large current.
One-key synchronous control can automatically match the arc voltage of the selected welding current.
2. Fine arc starting / instantaneous arc starting is close to 100%. From small current to high current.
3. Easy to operate/reduce keys and digital setting/digital display.
4. Available spot welding/synchronous control/arc control functions.


1. Input voltage: 220V 3P
2. Rated input power: 24.3KVA
3. Voltage adjustment: 12-50V
4. Current adjustment: 30-500A
5. Output function :CO2 welding/electric welding
6. Dimensions: 345*550*580mm
7. Machine weight: 53KG/wire feeder 10KG ˙

Standard accessories: (special specifications equipped with additional quotation)

1. Power supply + power cord 3m*1
2 .OTC four-wheel wire feeder*1
3.Extend the control cable group 2m*1
4.Ground cable + ground clamp 2m*1 5.CO2 meter + cylinder connector*1 6.CO2 welding gun group 3m*1 7. CO2 welding gun gas hood*2/fire nozzle*3