OTC MR-400

MR400 is ideal DC Arc welding machine with stable arc and less spatter by adopting high quality IC-Thyristor technology.

  • ARC drive control (Standard Device) Arc drive control is standard function and it prevents a sticking of electrode to base metal during welding and enables smooth welding operation
  • Perfect constant current characteristics Constant current characteristics features stable welding and its welding current always kept constant.
  • Remote Box (Optional Accessory) for easy setting of welding conditions Part No. C0035K00



Model MR-400
Power Source Voltage 220 V  ± 10% 380 V  ± 10% 415 V  ± 10%
Number of Phase 3
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated Input Power 26.3 kVA 20.4 kW
Rated Output Current 400 A
Rated Load Voltage 36 V
Rated Output Current Range 40~400 A
Rated Output Voltage Range 21.6 ~ 36 V
Rated No-load Voltage 65.0 V
Rated Duty Cycle 60%
Class of Insulation Main Transfer: Class C ; DC Reactor : Class 200℃
Usable Temperature Range -10 ~±40℃
Protection Rating IP21S
External Dimensions (W x D x H) 400 x 607 x 770 (mm)
Mass 148 kg 151 kg 151 kg
Input Cable  and Grounding Cable 14 mm² 8 mm² 8 mm²
Fuse/Breaker Capacity 75 A 50 A 50 A