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Digital inverter CPVE400 Full Digital Inverter CO2/MAG Welding Machine.



Welding power supply CPVE400II CPVE500II
Rated input 3phase 380V 3phase 380V
Rated output 400A/34V 500A/39V
Output adjustment range 30~400A/12~38V 30~500A/12~45V
Rated usage rate 60% 100%
Mass (dimension) 54kg(345x633x580mm) 60kg(345x633x580mm)
Wire feeder CM-8201 CM-8201
Welding Torch WT3510-SD WT5000-SD

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Full Digital IGBT Inverter Control Technology, gives best welding current waveform control of CO2/MAG arc phenomenon,
results in low spatter, high quality welding.

Stainless Steel (SUS) Welding Function
ALL NEW stainless steel welding mode expands applicable welding field.
Improved Welding Efficiency
CPVE400 have achieved 100% duty cycle, results in more efficient welding.

Easier setting by digital panel
Digital input panel, LED Display, and Indicator Light deliver easier setting on welding conditions.

Welding Condition Storage Function
Up to 30 welding conditions can be stored, 10 regular used conditions can be read and operated from remote control box.

Energy saving Function
Auto-stop function of cooling fan while the intermission of welding works enables to save power consumption