AC / DC pulse MAG / MIG automatic welding machine More productivity · Welding quality improved! AC pulse welding machine packed with merit of choice

Characteristic AC / DC pulse MAG / MIG automatic welding machine
  • Daiheng's proprietary AC pulse welding method realizes high efficiency and high quality welding of ultrathin plates
  • Evolutionary wave pulse enables welding quality with less vessel
  • Aluminum · mild steel · stainless steel, and high quality welding possible for various plate thickness
  • Output current 17% UP! High efficiency welding is achieved up to middle thickness



Welding power supply WB-W400
Rated input 3Phase 380/400V
Rated output 400A/36V
Output adjustment range 30~400A
Rated usage rate 60%
Mass (dimension) 75kg(395×710×835mm)
Wire feeder CM-7402、CMA-7402、CMAW-7402
Welding Torch BT3510-30、WTS300-SD、BTA300-30、BTAW400-30
Gas Flow Regulator D-BHN-2