Dyna Auto XD 350 II 
Microcomputer thyristor control type CO2 / MAG automatic welding machine
Excellent workability & boasts robustness Ultimate new basic model
Microcomputer · thyristor controlled type CO 2 / MAG automatic welding machine

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  • Improved startability with high performance microcomputer
  • Improved workability by unifying control cables
  • Improved durability and robustness

Simple drip-proof seat on the front as standard, protecting panel parts from sudden rain during dust and outdoor storage!

  • Consideration for the environment “Power saving circuit” “Fan stop function” “Gas saving function”
    Welding power supply CPXD-350
    Rated input 3Phase 380/400V
    Rated output 350A/36V
    Output adjustment range 50~350A/15~36V
    Rated usage rate 50% 60%
    Mass (dimension) 103kg(372×690×659mm)
    Wire feeder CM-2302 CM-2302
    Welding Torch BT3500-30、BT3510-30 BT5000-30
    Gas Flow Regulator CO2:NP-201/MAG:D-BHN-2 FCR-226(With heater)